ISO 888 Thread lengths for ISO metric fasteners (bolts)

ISO 888 Thread lengths for ISO metric fasteners (bolts)

Calculation of thread lengths

Typical, unless specified in a product standard, dimensions for thread lengths (b) is calculated as follow:

  • for l <= 125 mm: b = 2d + 6mm
  • for 125 mm < l <= 200 mm: b = 2d + 12mm
  • for l > 200mm: b = 2d + 25mm

Where l is length of the bolt and b is the threaded part of the bolt.

For bolt, where lengths l <= 0.5d the bolt should be fully threaded.

l <= 125303846505460667278
125 < l
l <= 200
l > 2005765697379859197
Dimensions in millimetres

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