Nuts, Washers, Springs and other components

We are offering wide range of Nuts (ISO, DIN and other standards) to various grades and finishes – washers from plain to special type of washers and springs.

Our offer includes

Product descriptionSpecification
Hexagon Full Nut, Structural nut, High Nuts, UNC NutsISO 4032
DIN 934
DIN 6915
DIN 555
BS 3692
BS EN 14399-3
Hexagon Jam Nut, Lock nut, Half Nut, Thin Nut, Left hand thread nutsDIN 936
DIN 439
ISO 4035
ISO 4036
DIN 980
to drawing
Nylon Insert nut, Type T, Nylon Lock Nut, Press Nuts, Aerotight Nut, Binx NutISO 7040
DIN 982
DIN 985
ISO 10511
Castle nutDIN 935
to drawing
Pal NutDIN 7967
Hexagon Nut connector, Universal Nut Connector (UNC), Coupling Nut, Tie Rod Hexagon NutDIN 6334
Dome nuts, cap nut, Acorn Nut, Bow Nut, Shear Nut, Eye Nut, Anti-Vandal NutDIN 917
DIN 1587
BS 3974
DIN 582
to drawing
Hexagon flange nut and lock nut, Self-Locking NutsDIN 6926
DIN 6923
DIN 6927
Rivets nuts, Die Nutsto drawing
Spherical Nut, Square nuts, Wing Nuts, Weld Nutsto drawing
DIN 557
DIN 562, DIN 313
DIN 315
DIN 929
DIN 928
Plain Washers, Flat Washers, Chamfered Washers, Hard WasherISO 7091
ISO 7089
ISO 7090
DIN 125
BS 4320
BS EN 14399-5, -6, -9**
DIN 126
DIN 433
DIN 1440
DIN 7349
DIN 7989
DIN 9616
BS 4395
Dimple washer, Direct Tension Indicators Washer (DTI), Control Load Indicators Washer (CLI)BS EN 14399-9
Lock Washers, Twin Lock WashersNord-lock
Spring Washers and Disc Spring Washers, Wave spring washers, Ribbed washersDIN 127
DIN 7980
DIN 267
DIN 43699
DIN 128
DIN 6796
DIN 2093
BS 4464
Taper Washer, shoulder washer, Washer Plates, Square washers, penny washersDIN 434
DIN 435
BS 3410
BS 4320
BS 4464
to drawing
Toothed washers, toothed lock washers, star washers, tab washer, serrated lock washersEN 14545
DIN 6798
DIN 6797
DIN 93
Nylon washers (polyamide), top hat washers, nylon washer plate, isolation washers, neoprene washers, hemispherical washer, red fiber washer, shakeproof washer, saddle washerto drawing
Springsto drawing

Finishes available

Self Colour
Bare / Blackened (Black Oxide)
Lightly Oiled
Hot Dip Galvanised
EN ISO 10684
EN ISO 1461
BS 7371-6
Sherardized Vapour galvanising
EN ISO 17668
EN 13811
BS 7371-8
BS 4921
Bright Zinc Plated
EN ISO 4042
BS 7371-3
Mechanical Applied Coating (Galvanized/Zinc)
BS 7371-7
Stainless Steel
EN ISO 3506-1 and 3506-2