Direct Tension Indicators Washers (BS EN 14399-9)

Direct Tension Indicators Washers (BS EN 14399-9)

Andrews Fasteners company in manufacturing Direct Tension Indicators Washers (DTI Washers) in well know in construction industry company based in United States – TurnaSure. All our washers are marked with our headmark FAST (previously AND.).

Benefits of using Direct Tensions Indicators Washers:

  • The use of DTIs is the simplest way of ensuring that bolting assemblies are tensioned properly;
  • The use of DTIs saves cost on inspection;
  • No torque figures are required, only feeler gauges;
  • Risk reduction on over tightening;
  • DTIs are manufactured in compliance with EN 14399-9 and can be supplied with CE approved preloadbolting assemblies;
  • Unique curved protrusion design of Turnasure DTIs reduce necessary of using nut face / bolt face washers for 8.8 grade assemblies;
  • Direct Tension Indicators (DTI) retain their accuracy regardless of their surface condition during tightening, be they oiled, coated or even rusted.
  • DTIs provide assurance of slip resistance.

Product Range

DescriptionSpecificationSize range
Direct Tension Indicators Washers (DTI Washers)EN 14399-9
Alternative to BS 7644-1, ASTM F959M

Finishes available

Self Colour
Sherardized Vapour galvanising
EN ISO 17668
EN 13811
BS 7371-8
BS 4921
Mechanical Applied Coating (Galvanized/Zinc)
BS 7371-7

For technical information and advice on the use of Direct Tension Indicators Washers supplied by Andrews Fasteners please see our Technical Support Page.