Construction fasteners products manufactured, supplied and distributed by Andrews Fasteners.

As a fasteners specialist Andrews Fasteners can offer various fasteners and fixings starting from most popular up to more complicated and custom made requirements as per drawings.

Our products range:

  • BS EN 15048 Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies (CE & UKCA Marked)
    Structural bolting (SB) assemblies, hexagon set screws (fully threaded), bolts (part-threaded), hexagon nuts, plain washers available in Self-Colour, Zinc Plated, Galvanised, Sherardized and other finishes.
  • BS EN 14399 High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading (CE & UKCA Marked)
    High Strength Friction Grip (know as HSFG) Preload (System HR and HV) – Hexagon bolts, countersunk bolts, hexagon nuts, hardened washers, bolt face washers, nut face washers, direct tension indicators washers available in Self-Colour, Zinc Plated, Galvanised, Sherardized and other finishes.
  • Direct Tension Indicators Washers (BS EN 14399-9)
    Special washers to ensure, correct tightness of the assembly is achieved without complicated torque figures. Used with High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading to BS EN 14399.
  • SQ SQ bolts, Plates, Wax cones, Bolt extenders, Wedges
    Square Square bolts, holding down bolts, foundation bolts, SQ SQ bolt assemblies (complete with nut, plate and wax cone), square plate washers (with square hole to fit SQ SQ bolt under the head), wax cardboard cones, bolt extenders universal bolt connectors, universal nut connectors, wedges available in various grades and finishes.
  • Bolts, screws, countersunk, sockets, button, cap, shoulder fasteners
    Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Screw, Socket Head Screws, Socket Screw, Hexagon head bolts, Hexagon head screws, Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, low head socket cap screw, Slotted head countersunk bolts, Slotted Flat head machine screw, Countersunk head bolts with forged slot, machined screws, Cup and countersunk head bolts and screws, Carriage bolts, Button Head Socket Cap screws, Hexagon Flange Bolts and Screws, Shoulder bolt, Roofing bolts, Set Screw – Flat point, Cone point, Dog Point, Cup Point, Square Head Setscrew available in various grades and finishes.
  • Nuts, Washers, Springs and other components
    Hexagon Full Nut, Structural nut, High Nuts, UNC Nuts, Hexagon Jam Nut, Lock nut, Half Nut, Thin Nut, Left hand thread nuts, Nylon Insert nut, Type T, Nylon Lock Nut, Press Nuts, Aerotight Nut, Binx Nut, Castle nut, Pal Nut, Hexagon Nut connector, Universal Nut Connector (UNC), Coupling Nut, Tie Rod Hexagon Nut, Dome nuts, cap nut, Acorn Nut, Bow Nut, Shear Nut, Eye Nut, Anti-Vandal Nut, Hexagon flange nut and lock nut, Self-Locking Nuts, Rivets nuts, Die Nuts, Spherical Nut, Square nuts, Wing Nuts, Weld Nuts, Plain Washers, Flat Washers, Chamfered Washers, Hard Washer, Dimple washer, Direct Tension Indicators Washer (DTI), Control Load Indicators Washer (CLI), Lock Washers, Twin Lock Washers, Lock Washers, Twin Lock Washers, Taper Washer, shoulder washer, Washer Plates, Square washers, penny washers, Toothed washers, toothed lock washers, tab washer, serrated lock washers, Nylon washers (polyamide), top hat washers, nylon washer plate, isolation washers, neoprene washers, hemispherical washer, red fiber washer, shakeproof washer, saddle washer, nord-lock washers, springs
  • Studding, stud bolt, shoulder bolt, anchor studs
    Studding, threaded bar, threaded rod, fully (allthread) or partly threaded – stud bolt (metric sizes and imperial sizes), Resin Stud, Anchor stud, sleeve anchor, safety plus anchors, high load anchors, cavity anchor, duff stud, engineering stud, stud connectors, branded studs (ie. hilti), parabolt stud, Hexagon shoulder bolts (Andrews Fasteners specially made), Quicon® shoulder bolts, Indented foundation bolts, Anchor plates
  • T-Head bolts and nuts assembly
    Tee-Head bolts and hexagonal nuts assembly in use for Rubber-Gasket Joints for Ductile-Iron Pressure Pipe and Fittings (ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11)
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners (Grades A2, A2-70, A2-80 and A4, A4-70, A4-80)
  • Tension Control Bolts (TCB)
  • Special Products (Fasteners) made as per customer drawing and requirements
    U Bolts, Shearstud, Weld studs, Wing Bolts, Eye Bolts (Dynamo Eye Bolt), Ring Bolt, Eyelet bolt, Spring dowel, Pin Assemblies, Wire rope grips, bulldog grips, Grub Screw, Coach Screw, Wood screw, Throughbolt, Half-round bolts, round bolts, coach bolts, scroll bolts, couplers, countersunk spider bolts, Expamet bolts, Barrel bolts, Hook bolts, Turnbuckle, Beam clamps, Resin Injected Bolts, Rawlok Bolt, Jordahl Tee Bolt, Cotter Split Pin, High Yield Rebar (inc. threaded on specified site), General purposes grease and lubricants, Branded Products (Hilti,m Ancon, Philips), PTFE plates, stress plates, compressible foam, plastic plug, Colour Coded bolt bags, Customer made products
  • Railway products
    Track Fasteners, Chair Screw Spike, Anchor Studs, Anchor Studs Assembly (complete with Nylon Insert Nut and Spring), Chisel point anchor studs, Left hand thread studs, Screws Spike, Ars Bolts, heavy bolts available in various finished, grades, manufactured to specific standard or as per customer drawing.
  • Fixings
    We are distributor of Lindapter products, JCP Construction products, Molabolt, Rawlplug and others.
  • Available in various finishes
    Self-Colour, Blackened, Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG), Bright Zinc Plated (BZP), Sherardized (Vapour Galvanised), Stainless Steel, Mechanically Applied coating and some special one like DACROMET

Offered standards: