World's largest container vessel arrived at Felixstowe port

World's largest container vessel arrived at Felixstowe port

Felixstowe is a default port for Andrews Fasteners containers arriving from our factories in Malaysia and China.

Today (22nd June 2017) the world’s largest vessel (OOCL Hong Kong) arrived at the Port of Felixstowe, Suffolk, on a journey from China.

It’s the world’s largest container ship that has arrived at this port, also this was its first European trip and the first European port visited.

OOCL Hong Kong measures almost 400m and is over four times longer than Elizabeth Tower (96m tall).

The vessel can carry almost 21500 containers, which will allow shipping more goods from developing countries into Europe, thus reducing carriage costs, which are ultimately added into the price of the goods.

This is the latest in a line of mega vessels to use the port, with its location to the main shipping lanes and the ports of Northern Europe, combined with road and rail connections resulting in a more reliable service.

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