New version of BS EN 15048-1:2016

New version of BS EN 15048-1:2016

In July 2016 BS EN 15048 Part 1 and Part 2 was updated, and new the version has been released.

Due to a large amount of enquiries from our customers asking if Andrews Fasteners will be providing our product to the latest standard, we have issued the following statement below in answer to this question.

CE Marking to BS EN 15048-1:2016

Regarding the updated standards for EN 15048 Part 1 and Part 2, 2016 edition, we can confirm that all our products offered will comply with the 2015 versions. In near future, Andrews Fasteners will offer a new range of CE marked products covered by the latest version of the standard.

However, because these standards have only been recently issued in the Europe, not all countries have yet been able to translate the standards into their language. Because of this, standard haven’t been harmonised and the new version of the standard cannot yet be subject to CE Marking.

At present the harmonised standard that applies for CE marking is BS EN 15047-1:2007 and CE approved assemblies still need to be supplied in accordance with an old standard.

Andrews Fasteners is already testing according to EN 15048:2016 for Part 1 and Part 2 in practice and will supply CE approved products to this version as soon it is issued as a harmonised standard. Considering recent publications it may take up to 12 months until this comes into force.

We will monitor closely any changes made by the European Commission to the list of harmonised standards. Currently, Andrews Fasteners is working closely with Lloyd’s Register LRQA to change our approvals to be able to offer CE marked fasteners to BS EN 15048-1:2016 as soon as possible.

You can also monitor a list of harmonised standards here

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