CE and UKCA Marking

CE and UKCA Marking

Following recent guidance released by UK government about UKCA marking and marking for construction products from from 1st January 2021 Andrews Fasteners Limited has already made steps and preparation to allow our company to offer goods UKCA marked on the GB market from the beginning of 2021. At the same time, we are taking steps to allow us to continue offering CE marked goods for the rest of the EU countries and others, where CE is the requirement.

Through the 2021 transition from UKCA to CE companies in Great Britain will still be able to offer CE marked goods followed with UKCA marking where applicable.

Soon, goods offered by our company will carry both approvals (CE and UKCA) allowing us to offer them in our local market, Europe, and worldwide.

If you have any questions about CE marking and UKCA marking please do not hesitate to contact our QA department - quality@andrewsfasteners.uk.

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