CE Marking and LRQA Nederland organisational change (April 2024)

CE Marking and LRQA Nederland organisational change (April 2024)

We have been informed that LRQA Verification B.V. in the Netherlands (Notified Body 2814), will undergo organisational changes. CE marking for Construction Products Regulations No 305/2011 (CPR) will be carried by LRQA Nederland B.C. in the Netherlands (Notified Body 0343).

The change is planned to take effect from 1st April 2024.

What is the result of the change?

As a result of this change, products placed on the market under CE marking will need to show Notified Body number 0343 instead of 2814. Along with that, any Declaration of Performance for these goods needs to refer also to Notified Body 0343 and LRQA Nederland B.V. instead of LRQA Verification B.V..

How does this affect us - as a company?

LRQA will issue us a new certificate of approval for goods placed on the market after the 1st of April 2024 (0343). For goods placed before the 1st of April 2024, the certificate of approval, under Notified Body number 2814 will still apply and will be valid.

We will keep the records of all certificates in our Certificates and Approvals sections on our website.

We will publish new Declarations of Performance (DoP) for goods marked under Notified Body 0343 and we will retain the DoPs for goods CE-marked before that day, for our customer to access when needed.

How does this affect you - as a customer?

The change is purely administrative and does not affect you as a customer and all goods CE-marked before or after the effect date remain valid.

Does UKCA marking is affected?


Approvals (marking) of goods under UKCA marking, by Andrews Fasteners, is done through LRQA Verification Limited in the United Kingdom (Notified Body number 0038), previously known as Lloyd’s Register Verification Limited.

There is no change to the UK part of the LRQA hence there is no change to product labels and declaration of performances. You will keep seeing the number 0038 under the UKCA logo on the product labels (where applicable).

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