Can Andrews Fasteners send me a Test Certificate for the goods that I purchased?

It is Andrews Fasteners’ standard practice to supply customers a Declaration of Conformity and Test Certificates for purchased products (in general this is only on products grade 8.8 and above).

These documents may not be supplied for every customer we serve, as we know, that some of them may not need them, or need them at a later time.

We operate an automatic Test Certificates list where, for a customer who requests it with us, test certificates are sent automatically by our staff in the Quality Department every morning or through the working day once goods have been invoiced.

Our automatic list is based on which customers have requested certificates to be sent. In this system, we can specify single or multiple email addresses to which documents will be sent automatically.

If you are unsure if your company is on the automatic list, you can always check that with our team.

If you are not on the list, you can always request certificates to be automatically sent simply by sending us an email to stating you would like your company to be added to the list and including the email address you would like the certificates sent to.

If you are on our automatic list, we strongly encourage you to check with all people who are receiving them before requesting certificates to be re-sent (if you are unsure who receives the certificates, please contact our QA department who can provide you with this information). As test certificates issued are controlled documents, we are unable to simply re-generate them on-demand, we need to go through our archive to retrieve them. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

You can always access the Declaration of Performance (DOP) for CE-marked products and the UK Declaration of Conformity for UKCA-marked products on our website without the need to request them.

Andrews Fasteners > Quality > Declaration of Performance

It is a legal requirement to supply a Declaration of Performance (CE) or UK Declaration of Conformity (UKCA) for CE/UKCA products. This rule does not apply to Test Certificates (like Type 3.1’s).

There are no requirements for 3.1 Test Certificates to be sent to customers which is why we only supply them when requested.

We always aim to supply Test Certificates to our customers without extra charge. However, we reserve the right, that in some instances, these documents can be subject to an additional charge.

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