Can Andrews Fasteners offer 3.2 certifications?

True 3.2 Test Certificate can be issued only from a newly manufactured product and cannot be offered for products that are already manufactured and available from stock (with 3.1 Test Certificates available).

Andrews Fasteners Limited in cooperation with LRQA can offer independent verification of samples of a product from a selected batch that will be supplied to the customer for a product covered by Type 3.1 Test Certificate. This will be called “intent-of” Type 3.2 certification.

This type of independent verification is carried out in UKAS accredited Test Laboratory and witnessed by LRQA representatives.

Read more about Traceable assurance for safety-critical materials - Type 3.2 inspection on LRQA website.

The test includes chemical analysis of the material and mechanical testing of the product or machined test piece (depending on size and type).

The customer is issued with the 3.1 Test Certificate and Test Report from the test laboratory and all are endorsed with LRQA confirmation of independent verification (previously known as “intent-to”). This document pack will be called “intent-of” Type 3.2 certification.

When you require true 3.2 Certification for a product, please consider, that the minimum quantity for mass manufacturing may apply following extended lead time for manufacturing.

For more information please contact our Quality Department or our Sales Team.

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